Anonymous said:

Who is playing Gabbe Givens? Hermione Corfield or Sianoa?*


helenaandsherry said:

You shooting with Hermione Corfield? She is really beautiful?

Yes I think she is!

embaral0cks said:

thank you for taking a picture in the fallen set! it really means a lot for us seeing that the movie is taking the schedule. hope that you have fun in there - enjoy it :)

i totally do, thanks!!!!:)

alonelystargirl said:

Hi, Lau. Hi Lau. Is it true that you are part of the cast of Fallen or you are just an extra? *Could you at least tell us if your character is in the book?* Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience :)

Hi, well, i’m an extra or a little bit more than that (to make me feel better:D): there was a casting, I had no idea what it was about (they told me at the agency that it is a teenage drama) until I got called back for another one. The director was also there in the room that time so I started to think it is a serious thing. About a week later I was congratulated and told that i got the “role”. The role proved to be a little bit extraish: me and five others are supposed to be the class of the cast. We are not talking but we can be seen in most of the school scenes. I was a bit disappointed at the beginning, because a “role” meant a completely different thing for me but im not complaining because i met fantastic people and having great fun!
So i dont know, maybe i am part of it maybe not, but my contract says i will see my name in the credits :D